Claire Laurent

Author & Journalist

I write about public health, nursing, health policy and all manner of health related topics. With a Masters' in Public Health and 10 years' experience in health inequalities, screening, com­missioning, and com­munications, I can lead and develop your public health work programmes or advise on your com­munications planning and public engagement.

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I'm adept at translating complicated medical information, and skilled at writing and editing technical reports, presentations and papers, researching thoroughly, writing accurately and always to deadline. My senior policy experience in NHS England means I can advise and develop briefings as required. As a registered nurse, I am a member of the RCN's Women's Health Forum and keen to write on the issues that affect women's health.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss a potential project.

My book, Rituals & Myths in Nursing: A Social History is due out in November 2019. You can follow its progress to publication by liking my facebook page.

I am a member of the Medical Journalists' Association, the Society of Authors, and the National Union of Journalists.

Medical Journalists' Association Society of Authors National Union of Journalists