Claire Laurent

Calling all nurses working in the time of Covid-19

Nurse wearing personal protective equipment (PPE); goggles, mask, hair net

As a nurse, your role and your voice are important in the current pandemic. Whether you work in the community, in primary care or an acute setting; whether your role is in ITU or providing care for non-Covid-19 patients while in its shadow; your experiences are a vital part of understanding what nurses do. You may work at a national policy or strategic level, represent a nursing speciality or organisation. Wherever you work, it is important that your nursing voice, your testimony is heard and recorded for now and for future generations.


Only now are we learning of the role that nurses played in all manner of 20th century events, from the world wars to the flu pandemic of 1918. With this in mind, I want to chronicle nurses' experiences of Covid-19. My plan is to write experiences into some form of public record. I will keep participants informed as the project progresses and they can withdraw at any time, if they wish.

I recognise that talking about your experiences may be traumatic and, while taking part in this project is not intended to be therapeutic, I will do my utmost to be aware and informed of possible trauma. My background is primarily that of a writer. I am a registered nurse, hence my interest in nurses and nursing. I’ve previously written a book Rituals & Myths in Nursing: A Social History. I am also a public health specialist, currently working as a consultant in public health and involved in Covid-19 work from a local authority perspective.

Informed Written Consent

Once you are comfortable with the scope of this project, I will ask you to give your written consent to take part. You can withdraw your consent at any time.


I will protect the identity of anyone who takes part unless they give express permission or wish for their name to be used. Patients will not be identified at any point and no details about them are required.

If you would like to take part:

Contact me here or message me via twitter @Claire_Laurent